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Q. Is therapy right for me?


People attend therapy for a variety of reasons. Therapy may be needed if you experienced a recent life change (marriage, divorce, pregnancy, death etc.), changes in mood, sleep or appetite,  have difficulty concentrating and remaining focus, have trouble controlling your emotions or need help with difficult life decisions.


Q. What are the benefits of therapy?

Therapy allows you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and worries without judgement. It helps you develop coping strategies for difficult situations and work on habits you would like to change.

Q. Is virtual therapy less effective than in-person?

No, you will receive the same exact therapy, attention and therapeutic treatment that you'd receive in person. You will also see your therapist via video call. The only difference is that you get to attend your session from the comfort of a convenient environment. Therapists will still serve you in an intimate and private setting



Q. How long are therapy sessions?

The length of sessions usually depend on the therapist. HARP’s sessions are 45 minutes for individual and 45-60 minutes for family and group.


Q. How long does therapy last?

Therapy is different for everyone and so is the time it takes to reach therapeutic goals. HARP’s average length of therapy is one year.


Q. What insurance does HAARPPP take?

HARP currently accepts Maryland Medicaid and Self-Pay. We will be adding additional insurances within the next couple of months. Please check our website regularly.


Q. Why should I choose HAARPPP?

HARP’s therapists are competent, empathetic, gentle and use an eclectic therapeutic approach. We focus on clients overall well-being and are dedicated to helping our clients excel in all areas of life.

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