HAARPPP is a school and community-based mental health company that services the DC Metropolitan Area. HAARPPP primarily works with adolescents and adults to help them recognize their power, potential, and purpose.

Our Mission


HAARPPP’s mission is to provide intensive, unique, culturally sensitive, and evidence-based mental health services rendered by highly dedicated and trained professionals, which will inspire, motivate and improve the mental health and well-being of our community.

​Our Purpose

HAARPPP’s purpose is to provide adolescents and adults, with the necessary tools and mechanisms to overcome societal adversity while becoming contributing members of the community. Ultimately, unveiling the potential, power, and purpose they have already possessed.

​Our Goal

HAARPPP’s goal is to collaborate with individuals, families, and the community to render meaningful counseling and support services. Our services will improve mental, social, and emotional functioning and strengthen family engagement and involvement.